About Neat Company

Recently Funded on Kickstarter. The Neat Whiskey Glass Tumbler and Chilled Coaster.

Whiskey Glass and Chilled Coaster


The Neat Whiskey Glass Tumbler and Chilled Coaster is designed to help chill and keep your favorite whiskey chilled without dilution of ice or water. Simply keep the Billet Aluminum Coaster in your freezer and pull it out when its time to pour your favorite whiskey.

Made from heavy Borosillicate hand-blown glass and a matching anodized machined billet aircraft grade aluminum. Unlike all of the whiskey tumblers available the Neat tumbler will chill your whiskey creating a new sipping experience.

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Your whiskey. Chilled, not diluted.

The Neat Whiskey Chiller is designed to unquestionably reduce the temperature of your favorite whiskey without dilution. The chiller is inspired by the distillation process of whiskey. Simple and effective, the chiller uses a set of coils similar to a condenser. During the distillation process these coils are used to chill the vapor and turn it back into a liquid.

In the Neat Whiskey Chiller, the area around the coils is frozen solid - exposing your whiskey to 3 feet of ice as it pours through while remaining isolated. This significantly reduces the temperature of the spirit without directly exposing it to ice or water. The result is a smooth pour of your favorite whiskey. Chilled, not ruined with too much dilution.

How the neat whiskey chiller works

Kickstarter Campaign

After a successful campaign over on kickstarter we are excited to launch the whiskey chiller and all of the other products that we are working on. Because of the overwhelming positive response on Kickstarter, we are working hard to get the first run of products into your hands and into the market.

A whiskey chiller is born.

A whiskey collection, an engineer and a desire for a better whiskey experience. After years of collecting whiskeys from all over, Ted was tired of the traditional methods of chilling his whiskey. No one wants to have their prize whiskey ruined by melted ice altering the flavor and having a bland watered down taste. A light bulb went off.

Through Ted and Tyler’s relationship, they came up with an idea on how to chill whiskey while Ted was explaining the distillation process to Tyler. From there, Tyler went to work. Sketching, drawing and designing. Once they had a set of plans it was time to prototype. After a few product design revisions, the Neat Whiskey Chiller is born. Now it's time to share it with the world.

Watch the Neat video to learn more.

Why the Neat Whiskey Chiller?

  • No waiting - Chills spirits instantly
  • No melting ice - Control the dilution if you prefer to add water
  • No frozen stones breaking your teeth - Chills without altering flavor
  • No frozen glass to hold - Comfortable experience
  • No waiting for a bottle to chill in the freezer - Takes only seconds to use
  • No need to keep all of your bottles in the fridge - Just choose the bottle out of your collection and pour it through
animation of the pour

The Chiller Construction 

The Neat Whiskey Chiller is the result of hundreds of hours of design, manufacturing and testing in the field (the best part). All of the details have been considered, and it is designed to be a pleasure to use. Using the study of thermodynamics, the chiller is engineered to optimize flow and cool your whiskey as fast as possible.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Works with any glass
  • Comfortable silicone grip
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Small size takes very little room in the freezer
  • No-spill funnel design

There's More: The Neat Flask

Quality whiskey needs a quality flask.

The flask features -

  •  Aircraft-grade aluminum - The Neat Billet Aluminum Flask is not like your standard cheap stainless steel flask. This Flask is machined from a bad ass – solid block of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.
  •  Black - The 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum is food grade anodized black. Because black is better.
  •  Tight - Machined to +/-0.005" tolerance. Tight, just the way you like it.
  •  Clean - Easy to clean design that prevents cross-contamination and funk. Just grab an allen wrench from your toolbox.
  •  Collection - The perfect compliment to your whiskey collection. …Show off 

The Team

Ted has a broad background with service in the Marine Corps, an EMS degree and career experience in sales, marketing, and product development. Ted graduated from Embry Riddle with a B.S. in aeronautics. While aviation is a passion of his, Ted is also an avid outdoorsman and loves anything whiskey related. He especially loves finding ways to make whiskey consumption an enjoyable experience for all. Neat was born in the basement of his house (aka ‘man cave’) when he wanted to enjoy a glass of whiskey, neat, without dilution.

Tyler has over 12 years of experience overseeing engineering product quality and innovation, previously worked as Senior Research Engineer and Product Design Engineering Team Leader for Bullet Manufacturing Company; and Aerospace Production Engineer for a Titanium Investment Casting Foundry. Tyler graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.