Frequently Asked Questions about the Nesh Whiskey Chiller

Shipping policy

Currently Nesh products ship within the United States.

Currently we are shipping worldwide.

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Using the Whiskey Chiller

The Nesh Whiskey Chiller is designed to be simple to use. Here are some tips.

Starting room temp 66.2 Degrees F (Whiskey)

First pass through chiller 46 Degrees F

Second Pass 36 Degrees F

Rinse with water, avoid the dishwasher may add soap flavoring. Make sure funnel and coils are empty of water before returning to the freezer. Let it sit for at least 5 hours after rinsing to insure the coils are free of moisture.

Typically around 5 pours. After that put it back in the freezer to refreeze.

This happens when there is moisture in the coils or right at the bottom spout where it comes out. When that moisture freezes it clogs the coil. Let it thaw and be sure there is no moisture in the tube at all before freezing.

Yes for sure, however if you put a liquor that freezes, it will freeze in the tube.

Yes, as your heart desires.

Food-grade Stainless Steel

Yes no problem, you just might want to hold and balance it.