Frequently Asked Questions about the Neat Whiskey Chiller

When do the new products ship?

  • All NEAT products are now in stock and shipping.


How cold does the chiller make the Whiskey?

  • Starting room temp 66.2 Degrees F (Whiskey)
  • First pass through chiller 35 Degrees F
  • Second Pass 24 Degrees F


How do you clean the whiskey chiller?

  • Rinse with water, avoid the dishwasher may add soap flavoring. Make sure funnel and coils are empty of water before returning to the freezer.


How many times will it chill whiskey?

  • Its temperature is reduced each time, typically around 5 times before being put in the freezer.


I've poured Whiskey into it, and it wont flow through. It's just sitting in the top funnel. What do I do?

  • This happens when there is moisture in the coils or right at the bottom spout where it comes out. When that moisture freezes it clogs the coil. Let it thaw and be sure there is no moisture in the tube at all before freezing.


What is the size of the whiskey chiller?

  • 5.5” x 3 ¾”

Can I use it for other Spirits?

  • Yes for sure, however if you put a liquor that freezes, it will freeze in the tube.

Can I still add water to "open up" my whiskey?

  • Yes, as your heart desires.

What is the chiller made of?

  • Food-grade Stainless Steel

Can I use it with a Glencairn or other glass?

  • Yes no problem, you just might want to hold and balance it.

Can I use it with stones or ice to help keep it cold?

  • Sure



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