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Whiskey Business
Chill Whiskey to 36 degrees in seconds
The Neat Whiskey Chiller

No dilution, no rocks, no ice, no frills.

Will beat up your glencairn
Neat Tumbler

Heavy billet aluminum engineered to add nose to your whiskey. Currently 20% off. (discount applied In cart)

Billet Aluminum and Bad Ass
Neat Flask

You're not an everyday person and neither is your flask. No Compromises.

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A Chiller, Flask and Tumblers

A Whiskey Chiller is Born.

What does an engineer and a Marine scout sniper have in common? The Neat Whiskey Chiller.

Through a growing collection of whiskeys and a desire for a new experience, the whiskey chiller is born. Like you, we don't like our prized whiskeys being ruined by over dilution.

Now thousands strong, join the Neat family and enjoy your whiskey in a new way.