Nesh Whiskey Gear and Accessories
Chill your favorite Whiskey without dilution. Now 20% off for the Holidays.
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Chill Whiskey to 36 degrees in seconds
The Nesh Whiskey Chiller

No dilution, no rocks, no ice, no frills.

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Keep your Whiskey Chilled

Designed to help chill and keep your favorite whiskey chilled without dilution of ice or water.

Watch and Learn more about the Nesh Whiskey Tumbler and Chilled Coaster

Double Wall Glass Tumbler

Free Shipping when you order a set of two.

Are you tired of drinking your whiskey out of boring, plain glasses? Then it's time to upgrade to the Nesh Double Walled Glass Tumbler – the perfect combination of style and function.

Billet Aluminum
Cigar Ashtray

Do you love cigars and sipping good whiskey? We do.

Made from a big chunk of Billet Aluminum and Hard Anodized black.

Will beat up your glencairn
Nesh Tumbler

Heavy billet aluminum engineered to add nose to your whiskey. Currently 50% off.