Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller
Neat Whiskey Chiller

Neat Whiskey Chiller

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The Neat Whiskey Chiller is designed to unquestionably reduce the temperature of your favorite whiskey without dilution.

From Room Temperature to 36 degrees in 15 seconds.

How it works: In the Neat Whiskey Chiller, the area around the coils is frozen solid - exposing your whiskey to 3 feet of ice as it pours through while remaining isolated in a stainless steel tube. This significantly reduces the temperature of the spirit without directly exposing it to ice or water. The result is a smooth pour of your favorite whiskey. Chilled, not ruined with too much dilution.

Inspired by the distillation process of whiskey. Simple and effective, the chiller uses a set of coils similar to a condenser. During the distillation process these coils are used to chill the vapor and turn it back into a liquid. The chiller uses the coils as a heat exchanger to change room temperature whiskey to 36 degrees in seconds.

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